Bug in flower centre - digital art flower abstract


William Ricketts Sanctuary - aboriginal inspired artwork
Untitled photo

WW2...Iwo Jima


The strength of the single still photograph image has always fascinated me, for it generally has to stand alone on its own merits and seek, even demand attention, interpretation and appreciation, without relying on engineered “bells and whistles" or the supporting stimuli of video frames, sound etc .

Appreciation of a still image demands pause and an indeterminant period of reflection, whereas with video the motion can wash over you, requiring freeze-frame, slow motion or replay for a more in-depth evaluation of the most powerful moments. A still image is generally “a capture in isolation”, relying on the strength of that capture to provide sufficient information to tell any intended story or impart an impression.

Referring to the dramatic still photograph on the left:- it is just one of innumerable good examples where a still photograph is remembered better than any video. This striking example is the Joe Rosenthal photo image of the American flag being raised on the Pacific Island of Iwo Jima during WW2. A video was also shot of the event but it is this dramatic still photograph that is the iconic record of that event in history.


During the early period of my professional design career peer and design office styles restricted my opportunities to investigate and incorporate a full and unrestricted palette of stimuli such as Colour, Tones, Texture, Atmosphere, Mystery and Wonderment within a produced Form and Shape. It was only when I designed exclusively within the visitor attractions sector that such opportunities became possible for me within created human settings. I am now exploring incorporation of all these elements within my created photographic images and “stretching” appropriate photo images to abstract for digital wall art images and prints.

If my images, and particularly the Created Images, entice you to pause, study and even visualise unexpected objects and elements within the subject matter (which I find is often the case), and that doing so both delights and entertains you, then I will be happy.

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