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What Is Black and White Photography?

From “Photography Life – Complete Guide to Black & White Photography” ”Black and white photography is the art of using different tones of grey, ranging from white to dark, to create compelling images.

This genre has a very long history – as long as photography itself. By the time photographers captured the first permanent colour image in 1861, monochrome photos had been around for 35 years. Still, although colour is the new kid on the block, it hasn’t replaced the art of black and white. Colour can be a distraction; it can be dull and lifeless.

One of the tasks of photographers is to simplify an image, distilling a scene down to its essence. Sometimes, that essence is colourless. Photographer Ansel Adams, discussing the differences between the two types of photography, said, “I can get a far greater sense of ‘colour’ through a well-planned and executed black and white image than I have ever achieved with colour photography.”

Wow, never thought of it that way before?

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