G'Day Mate...Black swan in Sydney

      Natural World IMAGES



Natural World Photograph  can be one of the most diverse and complex photography genres to categorise; it can also be one of the most potent, as it has the potential to evoke the full range of human emotions.

In terms of natural world photography, it is hard not to see photographs of birds in mid flight; a female creature with her baby or creatures going about their daily activities; stunning flowers or plants; the sky, weather, seasonal events etc, without having some kind of emotional connection to an event in nature that has been captured as a still image .

For me natural world photography encompasses all forms of photography where the main subject has something to do with nature and mostly animate living subjects that includes animals, plants and flowers (still-life or in their natural environment), forests/trees, insects and arachnids; creatures great and small as well as seasonal events and sky captures. I will also be including GEOLOGY based images as they exist in natural settings.

Because of the vast breadth of potential sub-categories I have already begun creating individual content image galleries and their numbers will increase over time. Access the individual galleries by clicking the green buttons below

LANDSCAPES/Scenic Images...for landscapes/scenic views

FLOWERS and PLANTS  My increasing number of flowers and plants images are placed in "GARDENS  & PLANTS

NATURAL WORLD (General)...until the creation of further individual galleries becomes necessary this gallery with include such images as:-

          General Nature







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