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Nature Photography can be one of the most diverse and complex photography genres to categorise; it can also be one of the most potent, as it has the potential to evoke the full range of human emotions.

In terms of nature photography, it is hard not to see photographs of birds in mid flight; a female creature with her baby or creatures going about their daily activities; stunning flowers or plants; the sky, weather, seasonal events etc, without having some kind of emotional connection to an event in nature that has been captured as a still image .

For me nature photography encompasses all forms of photography where the main subject has something to do with nature and mostly animate living subjects that includes animals, plants and flowers (still-life or in their natural environment, forests/trees, insects and arachnids; creatures great and small as well as seasonal events. However, I will also be including GEOLOGY based images as they exist in nature settings.

LANDSCAPE/Scenic Images

For many, nature photography can include landscapes/scenic views but I have chosen to create a separate "Landscape Images Gallery"  within this Captured Images  Folder, for such images.

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a)...June 2022...ASSORTED FLOWER & PLANT IMAGES...Placed in the NATURE IMAGES GALLERY. (A number of these images also appear in the Abstract  Images Gallery)

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